1. By Fun Joel on

    I just realized that I probably stole a title for a post from you, but I swear it was entirely subconscious! I had a post also called The Exploding Scribosphere, and I’m pretty certain it must have stuck in my head from reading it on your blog. My apologies!

  2. By Konrad West on

    Wow. What a track record.

    Cracking the Story was hilarious. Why Bother With Theme? was inspiring.

    Keep it up, man. You’re brilliant.

  3. By alan on

    i would say you don’t have to justify the blog. it’s good, no qualifiers needed. although, the posts you site are quite good – especially the ‘theme’ one

    (wow, can you tell i’m a writer? “the ‘theme’ one”. that’s some good ass writing)

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