Apple GifMariner Software is beta testing new screenwriting software for Mac computer users. I have downloaded it but have not had a chance to play with it. Generally, in my opinion, technology is not that important to writing a good script. Some of the best were written on note pads or using Underwoods. Nevertheless, if you enjoy playing with the latest toys (as I do), you can get the download from Mariner software here.


  1. I’ve been testing Montage from beta1, back in Feb, and one thing I can say is that, even though this is a beta, and nowhere near ready for the prime time, Mariner are very responsive to bug reports and feature requests and seem determined to make Montage a killer piece of software.

    The more writers who get over to their site, download the beta and join in on the support boards, the better.

  2. I used Celtx for my most recent script, and it certainly is a robust, full-featured application. But it’s ugly (no surprise really – Firefox has always been an eyesore on the Mac), and I prefer some of the ideas (Smart Views, for instance) that Mariner are builing into Montage.

    I’ll stick with Celtx until Montage reaches a greater level of stability, then switch.

  3. I gave Montage a workout last weekend and wrote up a review on my 101 blog. In short, it’s still a beta, but it has promise. It’s got some good ideas with customized views, and outline and contact tools.

  4. I too have been beta-ing Montage for a few months now. Like others, I found it shows promise, especially in terms of adding some dedicated outlining and research functions to the suite. Integration with Address Book for one-click query letters is also nice. But yeah, still not ready for prime time in terms of the basic formatting and input. They need to focus on making that part look and feel and do everything that FD and MMS do right now in terms of word processing. Until that gets sorted, I just can’t justify switching.

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