1. Thanks that article was like a bucket of cold water. But I needed it. As a novice and aspiring screenwriter my imagination tends to get the best of me and I dream of the big movie deals, etc. But that article reminded me to be writer first and to keep my feet on the ground. Not to quit, but to look at all the writing avenues I can take, not only the Hollywood one.

  2. Articles like this require a little context. There are other industries where it is difficult to make a living. I was a software engineer for twenty years, and, despite what your high school guidance counselor might have told you, it is not a stable career. Due to layoffs and failed companies, I had eighteen jobs and had to do a lot of hustling, interviewing, and living on unemployment to get those jobs. I love screenwriting. It may not be particularly stable but at least I don’t expect it to be.

  3. I’ve been lucky. Been getting one gig a year since 2000. Can’t say that about ’06. Could just be bad luck. But after doing this for ten years, no doubt the waters out there are a little colder.

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