January 28


Michael Blake
Bruce Joel Rubin
Alfred Uhry
Christopher Hampton
Mark Peploe
Bernardo Bertolucci
John Patrick Shanley
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
Kurt Luedtke
Earl W. Wallace
Peter Shaffer
Robert Benton
John Briley
Ernest Thompson
Colin Welland
Alvin Sargent
Bo Goldman
Steve Tesich
Nancy Dowd
Waldo Salt
Robert C. Jones
Alvin Sargent
Marshall Brickman
Lawrence Hauben
Frank Pierson
William Peter Blatty
David S. Ward
Jeremy Larner
Ernest Tidyman
Edmund H. North
James Goldman
Stirling Silliphant
William Rose
Robert Bolt
Claude Lelouch
Frederic Raphael
Edward Anhalt
S. H. Barnett
John Osborne
James R. Webb
Abby Mann
William Inge
Richard Brooks
Neil Paterson
Nedrick Young
Harold Jacob Smith
George Wells

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  1. By Joshua James on

    Playwrights, novelists and screenwriters. The commonality? They’re all writers, most of whom won awards.

    Actually, it looks at though they’ve all won awards, be it an Oscar, a Tony, an Emmy or the random Pulitzer.

    Nice you have James Goldman, William Goldman’s older brother, author of the play (and movie) LION IN THE WINTERS.

    And Sterling Siliphant, who won an Oscar in screenwriting (I believe it was IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, but it could also have been THE POSEIDEN ADVENTURE) and, even cooler for me, trained with Bruce Lee.

    Nice that there are so many playwrights up there, like Shanley, Shaffer and Osborne.

  2. By Alan Smithee on

    Ummmm…In addition to being award winners, they all put their pants on one leg at a time?

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