Carolyn from Los Angeles asks:

I submitted a revision 12 days ago, with agent’s permission. What is a reasonable time to follow through?

There is no standard time, but a couple of weeks is usually not unreasonable for a follow up call. I have had revisions considered immediately, i.e. I got a call back hours after submitting them, and I have had revisions languish for months, which is an unmistakable signal that there was no real interest in the first place and my work revising the material was a waste of effort. I recommend that you ask your agent what he or she thinks.

Also, if your agent submitted the material and you do not personally have a working relationship with the producer, make the agent do the follow up. If you do follow up directly and your revised version has not been covered yet, ask the producer (or whoever you submitted it to) when you should follow up next. Always be professional and courteous in your communications, but do not hesitate to ask when you should follow up again.

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