November 2


If you are a Guild Writer, what do you do during a strike? See this (including the comments, which offer a somewhat broader view than the main entry suggests).

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  1. By Fun Joel on

    Would love it if you voiced some of your opinions about the strike over at my blog. My most recent post has a number of people’s opinions, and I’d love to hear yours as well!

  2. By TW (Post author) on

    My opinion is “Go Writers!” Thanks for your good strike coverage, Joel. For those who aren’t familiar with Fun Joel’s blog, I have a link on my links page. He’s providing nice coverage.

  3. By DGB on

    “What do writers do during a strike?” — My guess is… WRITE. Ideas and concepts keep flowing, no matter what.

    Strikes come and go. I’m glad to see writers united in a worthy cause. Not being among them at present, I plan on beginning my next spec.

    We’ll see how the WGA strike pans out. It would be nice to see screenwriters receive more credit… more money… more exposure for their work — after all, their efforts provide the skeleton from which everything else hangs from. It’s an essential framework.

    Go writers!

  4. By DDJ on

    the writers get inspired and not carried away with the situation……… a hard time may perhaps redefine them or they might reinvent themselves

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