Instead of crabbing that you will never break into Hollywood because of the strike (which is bunk), spend the time writing and reading! Both Universal and Miramax are allowing you to download screenplays for their Oscar-hopefuls.

Universal has pdf versions of: “American Gangster”; “Breach”; “Knocked Up”; “The Kingdom”; “The Bourne Ultimatum” and “Elizabeth The Golden Age” available here.

Miramax has pdf versions of: “No Country For Old Men”; “The Diving Bell And The Butterfly”; “Hoax”; and “Gone Baby Gone” available here. When you get to the Miramax site, you have to dig the scripts out by clicking on the poster and looking for the link.

Don’t wait. Who knows how long they will keep these up? This is a terrific collection of scripts that cannot do anything but help you write. Download them, read them, all. (I will do the same.)

10 thoughts on “MORE SCRIPTS”

  1. You’re right (about the “crabbing” part). I’m sorry I was guilty of it at first — call it ignorance.

    Thanks for posting those great scripts to read. I will certainly look them over when I get a chance.

    Have a Merry Christmas!
    Papa D.

  2. Ah, another splendid resource. It seems that a lot of pro movie scripts are surfacing lately. I do remember downloading “Big Fish” from some source. I haven’t read them all yet, though. But yes, I’ve downloaded these and will get around to reading them sometime soon.

    Thanks for this one! 😀

  3. Все-таки реально нравится мне Ваш блог. Всегда занятно читать, включая и эту тему. 🙂

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