September 14

Is The WGA Forcing Credits on Non-Writers?

Joaquin Phoenix
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Amid speculation that Casey Affleck’s new documentary about Joaquin Phoenix is a hoax, Affleck tells USA Today that the WGA insisted on giving him writing credit, intimating that he did not write it. Is the WGA really forcing credits on non-writers? Or is the picture a carefully crafted hoax for which the writers deserve credit?

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  1. By Charli on

    the only word i could understand is HATE !!! seosruily next time u should blog in two languages per entry, more convenient for ppl like me to read..LOL =)

  2. By http://www./ on

    No doubt – I was right in the middle of many of those heated discussions. Part of it was the pricing, part of it was communication and to VMware’s credit, they made some modifications. Generally, there isn’t much noise around VMware pricing these days. Microsoft is competitive with pricing and bundles and it’s good for the industry and the consumer. But I wouldn’t equate that to dropping the ball or put that all on Maritz.

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