One thought on “Beyond The Nicholl Fellowship”

  1. A lot of the upsurge, at least North of the non-existant boerdr is probably due to the end of the Troubles and the return of ‘honest decent criminals’. It’s a fine line, of course. Don’t know if you’ve seen the Bobby Sands biopic, Hunger? Does that qualify as a crime movie? There was an interesting blog on The Guardian website the other day attacking the film for conveniently ignoring the fact that the hungerstrikers were in there for acts of violence. Of course the piece was torn to shreds by Guardian readers. What I do know is that if someone from the North, either side, had taken this idea for a movie in for funding, they would have been chased out of the room. But as soon as some British darling of the arts world decides to do it suddenly quangoes get their cheque books out. Bitter? With a wonderful script (by yours truly) based on a wonderful book (by yours truly) about the hunger strikes been lingering in development hell for eight years, you bet! Of course, it is a comedy version…..oh well….

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