When Screenwriting Gets To You….

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Having to listen to studio execs tell you how to write can affect you. Take William W. “Bill” Norton, a successful screenwriter who penned the scripts for “The Scalphunters” (directed by Sydney Pollack), “White Lightning” and “Gator” (both starring Burt Reynolds) and others. Perhaps after one too many sets of notes, he retired from screenwriting and became a leftist gunrunner in South America and then in Ireland. Now, he’s passed away. Read his obit here.

One thought on “When Screenwriting Gets To You….”

  1. I think my point is that it’s outdated and doesn’t makes sense for a show right now. a0But yes the wrnitig is to blame. a0Multiple people have suggested to me that I would love big bang, I have given it multiple tries, and legitimately never laughed at the show. a0I find it trite, and the type of watered-down, vanilla comedy that I find, frankly, offensive to my taste. a0I know that seems extreme but I can’t see the difference between HIMYM, big bang, 2 broke girls, and 2.5 men. a0They are all the same brand of who-gives-a-care, non-funniness, in my humble opinion. a0Community, 30 rock, the old office (pre jim-pam wedding), and parks & wreck are so much funnier, wittier, and worth-while than that other garbage. a0Meet the mother already! a0They have written themselves into a barney bangs babes, and the wimpy guy can’t meet that right chick downward spiral of boring/not funny. (but isn’t the flute in her hooha girl cute in her little marriage yuck)

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