Dan Akroyd Is Writing One, Too

Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis @ flickr.com
Dan Akroyd is writing a new sequel for Ghostbusters and expects the original actors to play their respective roles. Akroyd says that Bill Murray will have the “comic role of a lifetime”. Maybe the Ghostbusters turn into ghosts in this one, and it leads to all kinds of funny/serious complications, but it all resolves in the end, and they have grown as people. Or maybe it’s something else completely.

2 thoughts on “Dan Akroyd Is Writing One, Too”

  1. I just came across The Thinking Writer after a long period of not knowing you were posting again. I learned some great craft lessons from this blog. Keep it up and thanks.

  2. Thanks for saying so. The old craft stuff is still posted and easily accessible on the All Posts page. I’ve moved on to this kind of material now. Hope it is interesting in its own way.

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