April 22


Give it a rest? I don’t think so. Here’s Wordplayer on theme.

P.S. If you don’t know the Wordplayer columns yet, you’re just not trying.

UPDATE: If you are having trouble accessing wordplayer.com, please see the comment below from Wordplayer’s webmaster. There is an email address for you to contact wordplayer directly. Do not use the IP address that has been given out (unfortunately by me). Thanks.

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  1. By Mel on

    nope- word player’s not working here either (I’m in Australia btw)

    Doh! And I was supposed to read their columns for homework in my writing class. I was so looking forward to it!

  2. By Lucas Gio on

    I’m in Argentina and here it’s impossible to access Wordplayer.com. Anyone know the IP address?

  3. By TW (Post author) on

    Wordplayer.com’s IP is:

    [Editor’s Note: IP Address Removed at request of wordpplayer.com’s webmaster. Please see below.]

  4. By Lucas Gio on

    i could’nt access anyway… i suposed that can be only access in the USA

  5. By Bernard on

    I haven’t been able to access it here in Australia either, although I am able to at work, which is on a US server. Might only be able access it in the US.

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  7. By stella on

    I’m in San Diego, California, I can’t access it, but my friend in San Fransisco, California can.

  8. By TW (Post author) on

    DO NOT use the IP address….

  9. By Wordplay Webmaster on

    [07-04-08] Hi! Well, I might as well jump right in seeing as how this thread’s revived again:) First off, PLEASE do not use our IP address because doing so complicates troubleshooting. And now, here are a couple of access-related thoughts/tips… (#1.) Most people who have trouble accessing us see a special, private page with info and instructions. If that’s you, please read/heed the entire page, thanks! (#2.) A few people see, well, nothing. If that’s you, please e-mail me directly. (Chances are you’re in Australasia and the problem is related to firewalls and such between your ISP and ours.) If you can’t reach me via [ webmaster at wordplayer dot com ], please use [ k86469tp7ry at networksolutionsprivateregistration dot com ]. Finally, to everyone, PLEASE simply e-me rather than post here so I can help you directly and privately. Thanks! -Annie (who is just passing through)

  10. By Guillermo on

    Im in Medellin Colombia and i can´t enter the page either.

  11. By bruno on

    Yep I can’t through, I haven’t had a reply from wordplayer to my email, and since I since I sent the mail I have started getting a new kind of spam apparently sent by myself to me.

  12. By luk on

    damn, it is the only website on the internet which I cannot access. I am sorry to personalize it, but the webmaster seems to be out of control. I do not feel like writing e-mails and copy paste anythink. I just would like to access the website like any other site.

  13. By chris phillips on

    I can’t access the website either. are you able to send me a link?

  14. By lankydan on

    I too have been unable to access wordplayer for a long time now (I’m also in Australia) – but used to be able to. However, I’ve just discovered I CAN access it from my mobile (cellular for the Americans). This only works of course with the WI-FI turned off (otherwise it’s the “same” as using the computer) Use the 3G/GSM instead. If anyone’s still following this it seems to be the only way were gonna access the site from down here anytime soon. I emailed the webmaster in January and never heard back.

  15. By iabanon on

    I haven’t been able to access since november. And I had a post I wanted to see replies to. Just won’t go to page. I’m in Australia and never had this problem before.

  16. By tek part film izle on

    I haven’t been able to access since november. And I had a post I wanted to see replies to. Just won’t go to page. I’m in Australia and never had this problem before. cd

  17. By Corinna on

    I cannot access your website either. I am in South Africa. I am using Chrome, and all is fine with every other site, including Face Ache and games. It keeps telling me it cannot access the DNS server or the server is not available.

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