I have a screenplay that I am currently peddling and want to know what the ramifications of putting the finished SP on my web / blog. I am not overly worried about somebody stealing it but I don’t think many prospective prodcos would be happy at the thought of the script being out in the public forum.
Any thoughts?


Your instincts are correct, Gary. There is no good reason to post your screenplay on your weblog while you are marketing it to mainstream Hollywood. If the script is exceptionally good, it will circulate quickly anyway through the industry by being shared with, demanded by, slipped to and stolen for everyone who can get his or her hands on it. Good screenplays get around fast – whether they sell or not. Having people ask for your script is always good for you. Industry insiders are much more likely to remember writers whose scripts they have requested than those whose they are forced to read.

Even if it does not get that kind of reaction, you want to control access to your writing – at least while you’re breaking in. If you want someone to read it – you need to send it to her (provided she has agreed to accept it). If she won’t read it that way, she certainly will not read it on your weblog. In addition, posting your script will make you look like a complete amateur.

The last thing to say about this is, with all the rules, there really are no rules. While I think you are enormously more likely to damage the prospect of a sale by posting your script, at least a sale to mainstream Hollywood, you could be the first one to make a sale because of it. Your script might ignite an immediate buzz – your blog could get a million hits a day – and the phone could start ringing off the hook. Extremely, extremely unlikely – but weirder things have happened.

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  1. I can’t think of any reason to post a good script on a blog. I can’t imagine anyone but your friends reading it–and it’s more likely they’ve already seen it in hardcopy (if they’re really your friends;-)). I do note that even if ” the script is exceptionally good” it may still not get read if you don’t have any connections and the script isn’t “high concept.”

    Having finished my first script (non-high concept), I now see the true beauty of the high concept script. Nobody reads query letters beyond the logline.

    Strike that–people read the logline and if they like the logline they’ll read the rest of the query letter. If they don’t like the logline they won’t read the rest of the letter. If they like the rest of the query letter they’ll ask for the script. Non-high concept scripts just don’t have a good loglines–which means your query letter gets tossed after about 5 seconds (try to figure out a logline for STAR WARS or FORREST GUMP that doesn’t sound lame).

    All of this is to say to the original questioner. If your script is high-concept just send out–literally–100 to 200 query letters. Someone will will write you back. If the script is good it’ll will get sent around.

    If your script isn’t high-concept and you’re considering putting it on your blog because you’re desperate–don’t.

    Put the script in your desk and start on your next script tomorrow. Except make this one high-concept–don’t even think of putting pen-to-paper until you know your scripts logline. When the high-concept script is done, send out those 150 query letters–and mention that you have other scripts. If someone likes your writing they may want to look at what else you get. And if you get in agent, you can bet they’ll look at what else you have.

    At least that’s what I think will happen–but I’ll have to wait until I finish my high-concept script to find out 😉


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