Nice Guy Eddie

Edward Burns on Kindle
flickr: oskay
Screenwriter/actor/producer/blah-blah-blah Edwards Burns (“She’s The One”) is “excited to help fans discover my latest screenplay by making it easily available on Kindle”, or so says his publicist in a press release plugging his new film, “Nice Guy Johnny”, which was released today on DVD, Kindle (and its owner, and his screenplay. That’s three plugs in one press release. Pretty good.

One thought on “Nice Guy Eddie”

  1. Should have given the screenplay away for free on Kindle or maybe for at least just a buck. There’s no way I or most people are paying $7.99 for a downloadable screenplay. Seriously, I might have paid a dollar to see how a formatted, converted screenplay looks on my Kindle (PDFs look horrible.) Missed opportunity for Nice Guy Eddie.

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