May 13


As I continue to drive home on this site, developing your own personal and committed story philosophy is an important part of creating a unique voice (and a unique voice is your best asset). In that vein, a great discussion going on right now about Nietzsche and screenwriting over at Artful Writer.

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  1. By Brandon on

    I saw a one man show this weekend: 40 Days.

    It was excellent. One great idea Steve Connell raises is that we all have a unique voice, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t (at least writers an artists), so we don’t need to develop a voice, just develop the courage to use it.

  2. By Brandon on

    Or maybe we ALL don’t have it, but I do, and I’m sure you guys do.

  3. By TW (Post author) on

    Maybe if I’d heard Steve Connell speak, I’d have found my voice without having to write a mountain of really bad scripts first.

  4. By brandon on

    No. You would still need to write a mountain of bad scripts first. As do I.

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