November 23

Who Wrote The King’s Speech?

King George VI
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The Jewish Journal has a fascinating article about screenwriter David Seidler, who escaped from Nazi’s, was almost torpedoed on his way to America, and grew up escaping into writing as a refuge from his own speech impediment, then later drew from these experiences to write the screenplay for The King’s Speech. It is worth a read.

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  1. By jack frink on

    Does anyone know who wrote the speech given by K G VI? Was it Churchill? It was handed to the king to deliver but no clue who wrote it.

  2. By Tony C on

    Fairly sure it wasn’t Churchill, as he only then being re-admitted to government, and not as Prime Minister.
    A more significant speech is Chamberlain’s address on the morning of September 3 1939, transmitted by the BBC. It can be heard and played over your own radio by downloading the BBC War Reports from iTunes.

    Chamberlain’s tired and reluctant call to arms has certain similarity to Geoge’s speech, which lead me to think that either the same writer ( a civil servant) crafted both speeches, or one ( the King’s) intentionally riffed of the prime Ministers address. Both speeches make the point of this being the second war in a generation/lifetime, and take pains to point out that Britain dd not want war, and had tried hard to prevent it.

    As a point of interest, though Chamberlain’s speech is famous ( or infamous), I have never read the King’s Speech until it was printed in Saturday 29th Jan 2011 Globe and Mail.

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