Thinking Writer received emails from a couple folks with websites of interest.

First, Paul Guyot checked in just to say hi. Paul is a working writer with a great sense of humor. His site is definitely worth checking out. He also has an excellent blog: Ink Slinger.

Second, is a site where producers place “scripts wanted” listings. I am not endorsing this site in any way. I do not know anything about it other than glancing at it before putting up this post. I did recognize one company claiming to be looking for screenplays and I know it to be a very low budget production company, but it does actually make movies. Caveat emptor.

One thought on “TWO WEBSITES”

  1. The screenplayswanted blog looks interesting but I guess there needs to be a way to endorse these companies. I mean, who are these people looking for screenplays? Not to say they aren’t legit but there should be some background check on them so the writer doesn’t get screwed. There needs to be a way to cut through the glut and legitimately allow producer and writer to form a connection and potentially a working relationship.

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