“It made me love Ronnie Reagan”

Ronald Raegan
Photo byy cliff1066™ @ flickr.com
In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, screenwriter Jonas McCord tells WSJ that his screenplay for the in-development Ronald Reagan biopic will make you love him. The picture apparently has no director, cast or distributor so far, which means likely no money for its $30 million budget, but is managing to kick up a lot of noise.

What Does Paul Haggis Know?

Know your screenwriters. Paul Haggis is an interesting and complex character; he is a screenwriter. His credits span from Walker, Texas Ranger to the Oscar nominated screenplay for Million Dollar Baby to the Oscar winning screenplay for Crash. He was a writer on Casino Royale, the first James Bond reboot, and its follow up Quantum of Solace. He is one of the few important Hollywood figures to publicly renounce Scientology. You can read his interesting bio here, and/or listen to him discuss screenwriting in this interview….


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