Rick Springfield’s Writing One, Too

Rick Springfield
Photo by amy_b @ flickr.com
Former rock star, soap star and teen heartthrob Rick Springfield announces that he has some movie ideas he is developing and that “the next thing is (screen)writing for sure”. Maybe one of his ideas is about a guy who wishes he had his friend’s girlfriend and it leads to all kinds of funny/serious complications, but it all resolves in the end, and he has grown as a person. Or maybe it’s something else completely.

When Screenwriting Gets To You….

Photo by Svadilfari @ flickr.com
Having to listen to studio execs tell you how to write can affect you. Take William W. “Bill” Norton, a successful screenwriter who penned the scripts for “The Scalphunters” (directed by Sydney Pollack), “White Lightning” and “Gator” (both starring Burt Reynolds) and others. Perhaps after one too many sets of notes, he retired from screenwriting and became a leftist gunrunner in South America and then in Ireland. Now, he’s passed away. Read his obit here.