January 20


After a lengthy holiday break, the Thinking Writer is back. I’ll start with something light.

Aiken from Canada writes:

A silly little question but how would you write out in words a year like “1905”. It’s the “0” of course that’s bugging me.

I would not write it out in words. The number is more concise and clearer to the reader. However, if you have to write it out for some reason, I would spell “0” as “O”.

May 21


John August, who may be the most qualified screenwriter currently running a screenwriting blog geared to aspiring writers, received some nice press for his blog from the New York Times today. You can see his blog here and the New York Times article here. (You have to register for the NY Times, but it’s free.) John’s explanations are regularly to the point, no nonsense, good advice. His blog has been and continues to be an inspiration to this blog. His adaptation of “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” opens in July. Congratulations on the nice press and good luck with the opening.

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September 22

All About Aaron (Classic Post)

Aaron Sorkin
Photo: weissfoto @ flickr.com
Was Aaron Sorkin high when he gave this interview? Sorkin, writer of the upcoming movie The Social Network (a biopic about the troubled and complicated genius behind Facebook ) is the troubled and complicated genius screenwriter behind so many great movies (The American President, A Few Good Men, Malice) and television shows (Sportsnight, West Wing). Nice interview. (Think magic mushrooms….)