A screenplay is a super-condensed description of events. Each word must convey a substantial amount of information, not the least of which is the emotion of the character or moment. There is very little room for neutral language. Phrases like “he looks at her” are not helpful. To help me increase my “emotional vocabulary”, I have compiled a list of words that convey greater emotion. I offer a downloadable version of that list to you now.

NOTE OF CAUTION: Whenever you download a file, there is a possibility of it containing a virus. I have scanned this file and have no known virus issues on my computer. However, the file is offered “as is.”

Click here to get the RTF format file.

3 thoughts on “THE WORD LIST”

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for a great blog.

    I recently read your article, “What is a Scene?”

    My question is regarding bringing your characters to the “point of maximum tension”, as described in this paragraph:

    “It must also advance (1) each character by increasing the tension between the character’s circumstances…”

    Can you please show an example of a succesion of conflicts (scenes) which increase the tension. In other words, I understand that every scene should be crafted to show the characters’ objectives, but what conflicts actually increase the tension, instead of just having same level conflict after same level of conflict?

    I hope I make sense, thanks!

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