To find out the difference between
“atheist” and “agnostic”
or “effect” and “affect”
or “arroyo” and “gulch”,
here’s an online version of shareware that’s been around for a while:
Confusing Words

2 thoughts on “CONFUSING WORDS”

  1. I read the entry and I still don’t understand the dif between an arroyo and a gulch.

    Except that Arroyo sounds a whole lot better in a real estate brochure.

  2. LOL. My thought was that if you don’t already know the difference between an atheist and an agnostic or effect and affect you need to rethink a career as a writer.

    However, if you don’t know the difference between arroyo and gulch, you’re probably fine as a writer and only need to rethink your career if you’re determined to be a writer and a Jeopardy champion.

    If you use google try the following command define:

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