All About Aaron

Aaron Sorkin
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Was Aaron Sorkin high when he gave this interview? Sorkin, writer of the upcoming movie The Social Network (a biopic about the troubled and complicated genius behind Facebook ) is the troubled and complicated genius screenwriter behind so many great movies (The American President, A Few Good Men, Malice) and television shows (Sportsnight, West Wing). Nice interview. (Think magic mushrooms….)

Screenwriter Says Tony Blair Plagiarized For His Autobiography

Tony Blair
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Screenwriter Peter Morgan, writer of Frost/Nixon, The Queen, and The Last King of Scotland, tells The Telegraph (UK) that Tony Blair “had one gin and tonic too many” when he copied fictional scenes written by Morgan and included in The Queen into his autobiography.

Nineteen Years Ago, Thelma & Louise Drove Over A Cliff

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Nineteen years after Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon took their famous turn in a ’66 Thunderbird convertible, screenwriter Callie Khouri discusses her Oscar winning screenplay for “Thelma & Louis” with Sallie King of the Los Angeles Times. Discussing the ending, she says:

People either thought it was an uplifting ending or they thought they committed suicide at the end. It kind of depends on how they see it.

Uhm? If it isn’t suicide, what is it?