June 12


Here’s something new for the Thinking Writer: new feature, new category. A survey of news of interest to screenwriters.

Scary Story For Screenwriters – before you decide never to circulate a script again, my opinion is, this is still the exception.

Fear Strikes Out – passing of a screenwriter. We are part of a tradition. It’s good to see who comes and goes.

Richard Walters – on why he loves America…. (Hint: it’s the screenwriters.)

Akiva Goldsman on DiVinci Code – about adapting novels.

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  1. By Warren on

    Thanks! I like this new feature. There was an interesting debate over at Artful Writer about one of the Implied Contract screenwriter cases. I’d be interested in hearing your take on the issue at some point.

  2. By William on

    Richard Walter wrote the first book I ever read on screenwriting. Interesting stuff. I’m liking the new look too.

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