November 29

Not Your Mother’s Script-O-Rama

20th Century Fox
Fox just sued a wanna-be screenwriter, single mother, day-job woman who posted scripts on her blog for “educati0onal purposes”. They want close to $12 million bucks from her in damages. If you’d like to see the actual Complaint, download the pdf here.

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  1. By andrew on

    wow. that is an impressive suit. they are clearly trying to send a message rather than recoup money from the suit itself.

  2. By kate on

    Unbelievable! So this poor woman who made no money from posting the script is being sued for 12M! And no, she probably won’t pay that but what about the stress and legal fees. Really Hollywood? Are you going the way of the music industry? Just piss off your customers. If you were smart you would advertise on her blog with a link to the movie trailer or DVD. Then you would make money rather than offending your customers and fans.

    I don’t get industries that thrive on promotion, (in this case, free promotion) want to go out of their way to punish people who are fans.

    And finally, what does the screenwriter, or hollywood fear. We are going to download the script and make the exact same movie? I don’t get it.

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