Nice Guy Eddie

Edward Burns on Kindle
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Screenwriter/actor/producer/blah-blah-blah Edwards Burns (“She’s The One”) is “excited to help fans discover my latest screenplay by making it easily available on Kindle”, or so says his publicist in a press release plugging his new film, “Nice Guy Johnny”, which was released today on DVD, Kindle (and its owner, and his screenplay. That’s three plugs in one press release. Pretty good.

A History of Rejection

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Studios began rejecting screenplays as soon as studios existed. Old Hollywood has posted a form screenplay rejection slip from Essany Film Manufacturing from the early 1900s. Back then, apparently they just checked a category – “Not interesting”, “Not our style of story”, “Weak plot”, “Idea Has Been Done Before”, etc. – and sent the damn thing back. What we’d give for a good old straightforward rejection.

Thirty Grand And A Hand Shake

Screenwriting Award
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AMPAS announced the five Nicholl Fellowship winners:
* Destin Daniel Cretton, San Diego, Calif., “Short Term 12”
* Marvin Krueger, North Hollywood, Calif., “And Handled with a Chain”
* Andrew Lanham, Austin, Texas, “The Jumper of Maine”
* Micah Ranum, Beverly Hills, Calif., “A Good Hunter”
* Cinthea Stahl, North Hollywood, Calif., “Identifying Marks”
They beat out 6300 scripts submitted to win the award. Was yours in the pile?

Huffpo: Every Writer Should Watch Jersey Shore

Jersey, baby.  Jersey.
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Huffington Post blogger and author Deanni Fei gives this earnest discussion of Jersey Shore as great storytelling and recommends it for all writers. From its clear character development, its honest depiction of gender and ethnicity, its use of tension in every moment, to its tightness and efficiency. According to Fei, the story has everything that makes great writing. Wow. Maybe even Jwoww. I had no idea.